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Book cover of To Break a Dragon Bond by Elizabeth F. Shearly

To Break a Dragon Bond

What’s a dragonrider without her dragon?

Kraisa can never see her dragon, Kalanthi, again. It’s the only way to block the staring corpses out of her mind. The only way to make Kalanthi stop sending them.

To Break a Dragon Bond is an epic fantasy dragonrider novelette.

Content notes: Choosing to die, exile, intrusive thoughts.

The Swordswoman and the Vampire

She traded her sword for a paintbrush. Time to trade back.

Ama’s heart pounds as the vampire sinks his fangs into her throat.  She panics and does something she’s never done before.

The Swordswoman and the Vampire is a historical fantasy romance novelette about reaching out when you feel alone. It’s the first of the Second Acts of Weary Warrior Women collection.

Content notes: Sexually explicit scenes, blood, being confined, slaying a vampire, magical kidnapping.

Cover of novel titled "Dread Spring" by Elizabeth F. Shearly

Dread Spring

Computer science saves lives

Years after nuclear armageddon, Chloe is ripped away from her domestic routine in a desperate search for the uncontaminated food that will mean survival for everyone she loves.

Dread Spring is a post-apocalyptic adventure about love, loyalty, and building the life you want.

Content notes: Domestic abuse, pregnancy, death of family member, occasional use of obscenities, gunshot wound. A detailed list of content notes appears on the book page!

Endless Sea of Stars

A Sci-fi Romance Novella

Jeanie and Liam are trapped on an imploding moon with no hope of escape—except for one slim chance that they can’t afford not to take.

Endless Sea of Stars is a sci-fi second-chance romance novella with a good amount of spice — intended for mature readers!

Content notes: Sexually explicit scenes, liberal use of obscenities. A detailed list of content notes appears on the book page!

Book cover of novella titled "Endless Sea of Stars" by Elizabeth F. Shearly

Book cover of collection titled "Keep the Good Parts" by Elizabeth F. Shearly.

Keep the Good Parts

A Flash Fiction Collection

In a dank basement, fluorescent light flickers over a pool of blood dripping from the table onto the floor…

The shimmering surface of a portal draws in the unwary, promising adventure and danger in equal measure…

A hand-scrawled death threat is slipped under an apartment door…

All this and more waits for you inside Keep the Good Parts, a collection of five bite-sized stories just waiting for you to sink your teeth into them—and to sink their teeth into you!

I’m currently writing a series of short stories called Second Acts of Weary Warrior Women, and it’s exactly what it says on the tin! After a soldier puts up her sword, she can build a new life, free of dragons, battles, and monsters—for a while.

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