Endless Sea of Stars

A Sci-fi Romance Novella

Jeanie and Liam are trapped on an imploding moon with no hope of escape—except for one slim chance that they can’t afford not to take. 

Endless Sea of Stars is a sci-fi second-chance romance novella with a good amount of spice—intended for mature readers!

“For a small novella it is packed with a lot of action, plenty of steamy scenes, and a snarky AI to boot.”

Mook via Goodreads

The ground shakes under Jeanie’s feet, and she staggers across the pristine corridor, her blowtorch digging into her hip when she collides with the wall. The blaring alarm pounds through her head. We get it, the moon is imploding! She’s still far away from the ship that’s her only escape from the disintegrating base. Too far away.

Years ago, Jeanie and Liam thought the isolated moon base would be a middle ground between her spacefaring lifestyle and his need for the stability of a space station. It didn’t take long to realize that the life they chose was making both of them miserable.

But now it’s literally falling apart around them, with no escape in sight. No escape but one slim chance they have no choice but to take. It may not be comfortable or pretty, but it just might keep them alive long enough to save their marriage.

“The worldbuilding is great, the characters are believable and likeable, and the story is great science fiction.”

Dr susan via Goodreads

Content notes contain spoilers; peek at your own risk!!

Content notes: Sexually explicit scenes (light male Dom power exchange, light orgasm control, penis referred to as c*ck, vulva referred to as p*ssy), liberal use of obscenities (f*ck, sh*t, d*mn, and godd*mn are most common; one instance of ‘b*tch’ in reference to a background character who does not appear in the book), chronic injury, falling unconscious from oxygen deprivation (not in a sexual context).

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