Creation of a book

From my brain to your hands

The writing process is different for every writer--and for every book. My process is not a formula, by any means.

It's common to wonder where authors get their ideas, but I have the opposite problem: I have far more ideas than I could ever write. Getting a novel from concept to published takes far more time for me than coming up with a new idea!

Grab a cup of tea while I give you a peek at my writing desk... 

  • Outliing

    I've used a ton of different outlining methods over the years, from mapping out every scene to diving in with no idea where I'm headed. Strangely, it has no correlation with the speed of the drafting process.

  • Drafting

    I puff along at a steady pace: too fast and I need a few weeks' break; too slow and I lose my way in the story. As long as I'm still moving forward, I'll get to the end!

  • Editing

    I do one pass before anyone else sees my draft. If I let myself do more, I'd never publish anything (ask me how I know). Then, my lovely editor gives me pages of helpful feedback, and I do one more pass, and I call it done! (It sounds so easy when I say it that way...)


Each format has its own workflow

There's nothing more satisfying than holding your creation in your hands and knowing that it only exists because of you.

Filling the Well

Sources Of Inspiration


Listening to others' lived experience lets me see situations and structures that I wouldn't be able to on my own. Many of these are themes I tackle in my books as I come to grips with recognizing the flaws in our society.


More than once, I've read the first few pages of a book and been sure I knew where it was going...and then it when in a totally different direction. The good news is that my direction was a great book idea as well, and I get to write that book!


Leaving your brain to its own devices while you take a walk, bake something, or knit can be the best way to let ideas float to the surface. I have my best ideas in the shower or while cooking because I can't distract myself with scrolling on my phone or my to-do list.