Her Castle, Her Howl, Her Pack

After ten years holding back, it’s time to show her lord husband the wolf she truly is.

She never thought her lord husband would accept her mark, but now that he’s begging for it, the alpha wolf in her will not be denied.

Her Castle, Her Howl, Her Pack is an epic fantasy shifter romance, part of the Second Acts of Weary Warrior Women Collection.


Lady Faris howls and sinks her teeth into her husband’s neck, marking him for life. She never thought he’d accept her mark—crave it, even—so she always kept her alpha wolf on a tight leash. Until now.

Now that they’ve alienated their closest neighbour by refusing his offer of marriage to their daughter. Now that he’s turning all their allies against them. Between his machinations and the forest that’s inexorably encroaching on their farmland, Faris and her lord won’t be able to keep their people safe and fed until the harvest.

But the earldom’s annual tournament is approaching, and her husband has won three of the last four. Surely that will be enough to convince their allies to side with them? It will have to be enough.

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Meet Faris

Faris was exiled from her father's pack for committing the worst sin a female wolf shifter can--she's an alpha. Since then, she's built a new life with her human husband at his little outpost in a country that's barely heard of shifters. Now her shifter daughter is looking for a mate, and it's Faris's job to make sure her daughter gets as lucky in love as she did.

Explore a world of shifters

Wolf shifters are a hierarchical bunch, who live on a continent far away. But they aren't the only kind of shifters out there. Deep in a forest that seems somehow aware, monsters are rumoured to roam. Where else would shifters hide, misunderstood and reviled as they are?

Content notes

Torture (off screen, brief mention), Claiming bites (enthusiastically consensual), Sexually explicit scenes (light power dynamics).