The Swordswoman and the Vampire

She traded her sword for a paintbrush. Time to trade back.

Ama’s heart pounds as the vampire sinks his fangs into her throat.  She panics and does something she’s never done before . . .

The Swordswoman and the Vampire is a historical fantasy romance novelette about reaching out when you feel alone. It’s part of the Second Acts of Weary Warrior Women collection.


Ama practices her swordplay in the trees where none of the villagers have to watch, paints pictures no one wants, and then drinks in the tavern the rest of the time. She only has one escape. Her heart pounds as the vampire, whose name she doesn’t even know, sinks his fangs into her throat. She stares at the two of them in the mirror, and for a second she’s transported back to another time: she’s a green soldier with dreams of valour, and he’s her doting husband. Her dead husband. She panics and does something she’s never done before.

Now her days are spent obsessing over a wish she gave up on a decade ago. But she’s learned the hard way that the more you have, the more you can lose. Better to have nothing at all . . . right?

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Meet Amaranth

Ama is a hero, at least, that's what her village insists on calling her, even though her sword has been locked in a chest under her bed for years. Now, she paints pretty pictures and waits to finally die. The only way she can get that battlerush is when she lets a vampire into her veins--and into her bedroom. But never into her heart.

Explore a world of vampires

Vampires drink blood, everyone knows that. But everyone also knows that they can't be trusted, they're secretive, and that they disappear without a trace on a whim. Not many people know that if you get a hold of a vampire, you can compel them to summon their sire, who will appear before your eyes.

Content warnings

Sexually explicit scenes, blood, being confined, slaying a vampire, magical kidnapping.