Transcript, RadioACTIVE podcast: Dirt on…Richard Phillips

Show title: RadioACTIVE
Release date: 2 March 20—
Episode: Dirt on . . . Richard Phillips

Welcome to RadioACTIVE, where we actively dig up the volatile dirt on all your favourite personalities! This week on RadioACTIVE, we’re airing an exclusive interview with a reluctant interviewee, but don’t let that deter you! You can hear that she’s hiding tons of volatile dirt! Listen in on our conversation, then post below in the comments what you think she’s not saying!!

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RadioACTIVE: Richard Phillips, Deputy ECM for the National Capital Region, has refused multiple requests by RadioACTIVE for an interview, so we’ve had no choice but to dig up the volatile dirt from his childhood friend, Brianna Guigues! Hi, Brianna, and welcome to the show.

Brianna: Thanks, I’m . . . happy to be here.

RA: Good, good. So, how long have your known Richard Phillips?

BG: As long as I can remember. Ever since he was little, Richard has been super loyal and caring to the people around him. He used to bring me my homework when I was home sick from school.

RA: Since you were kids then?

BG: That’s right, we grew up together. Richard always knew that he was going to be a politician. He always wanted to make a difference. I just tagged along to support him.

RA: Is that because he doesn’t have any siblings?

BG: I’m an only child as well, so I think we were both looking for a surrogate sibling. [Laughs]

RA: Is that all you were looking for? Did you ever yearn for more from your relationship?

BG: No, not really. We’re good friends.

RA: No childhood crush between you?

BG: Nope, nothing like that.

RA: Not even a little bit?

BG: Um, I’ve said no. Can we move on?

RA: I see how it is. Seems like you’re a little uncomfortable! [Winks] Let’s move on to another question! I’ve heard there’s bad blood between Richard and his mother, Isabelle, the ECM for the National Capital Region. What can you tell us about their history?

BG: Richard and Isabelle are both strong personalities, and they have strong convictions. It’s inevitable that they won’t always agree on everything.

RA: And what happens when they disagree?

BG: It’s beneficial to any organization to consider multiple points of view. They consider the options, talk it out, and come to a compromise, usually.

RA: Usually? And the other times?

BG: Sometimes, the ECM pulls rank, but it doesn’t happen often.

RA: And Richard takes that lying down? Doesn’t seem like his way of doing things!

BG: No, he doesn’t always just accept it, but the hierarchy is in place for a reason.

RA: Not that you have much respect for the City’s hierarchy! [Laughs] Moving on! I’ve heard that Richard spent most of his time with a surrogate mother figure in his childhood, can you tell us more about that?

BG: I don’t really think that’s my business to tell you. Look, don’t you want to hear about Richard’s accomplishments? What he’s done as Deputy ECM post-armageddon and all his activism beforehand?

RA: Now Brianna, we can all find those in a second online! We here at RadioACTIVE actively dig up the volatile dirt on all your favourite personalities! I heard that Richard had a bad breakup just last month with one of the current townrunners. Why did that relationship end? Can you tell us which townrunner it was? Who broke up with whom? Our listeners are dying to know!

BG: They can keep dying to know. That’s personal information. I get why Richard kept saying no to your show, now.

RA: Wait! Don’t take off your mic, we’re just getting started!

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Sounds like Brianna was running away from the truth! Don’t forget to comment below with your favourite volatile dirt on Richard Phillips, Deputy ECM for the National Capital Region. This has been RadioACTIVE! Tune in next week for more volatile dirt on all your favourite personalities!

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