My Story

Let Me Tell You More About Myself

I've been creating characters and worlds for them to play around in ever since I can remember.  My characters always have wild powers, either magical or practical, that seem to get them into more trouble than they can get them out of.  My favourite scenes to write have my characters pushing themselves to their limits, making my heart race trying to keep up with them.  There's a kernel of my own hopes and fears in each of my characters, even the evil ones, so their struggles always resonate with me somehow, even though they handle things completely differently than I would.

I grew up reading every book I could get my hands on, from C.S. Lewis to L.M. Montgomery and Guy Gavriel Kay.  As a teen I considered myself "too good" for romance novels (though I loved Anne McCaffery, go figure), but I've branched out in recent years, and some of my current favourite authors are K.F. Breene and Finley Fenn.  I've also been delving back into some authors that were not on my shelves growing up: Octavia Butler, Ursula K. LeGuin, and Toni Morrison.

When I get fed up with my characters' antics, you can find me playing video games or knitting on the couch.

My Favourite Things

That sometimes drive me nuts


A change of scenery can be so inspirational! Every time I see a castle, I get another idea for a book. *facepalm*

Video games

I play games for the story (surprise, surprise), and I'm terrible at them. My favourite series are Xenoblade Chronicles and Kingdom Hearts, and I love all manner of cosy and wholesome games.

Board games

I love playing board games, especially if there's a random element (Dice Forge, anyone?) since I need something to level the playing field between me and the really strategic folks.


I cannot function until I've had my morning tea. And yes, I'm a hipster who drink loose-leaf.


Ever since I discovered that there was a Lego version of the Tallneck from Horizon: Zero Dawn, I've been totally hooked.


I've been attempting daily yoga for years, and on average I land on my mat a few times a week. If I don't, my body will give me a very strident reminder.